Crisis mode. Collision of worlds. Reason, idealsism, and extremism. Natural responses to major challenges in a free world. But who reacts in what way? Either you know a person by heart to be able to assess how she or he may react under stress. Or you know how to analyze the index finger. Welcome to the world of Hasta Sāmudrika, Vedic palmistry.

It can be long, short, thick or thin. Can be straight, curved, tight, or splayed. Each of its three digits may be different. The index finger. In Palmistry: the Jupiter-finger. It shows many variants and under ideal circumstances, these should be seen in respect to all the other characteristics and markings of hand. Following the track of the before mentioned modes of reaction, we respectfully keep this in mind, while choosing a pragmatic approach, enabling you to gain your own experience right away.

Two names of the Jupiter-finger remind us of the Vedic origin of Hasta Sāmudrika: Tarjani and Pradesha. As Tarjani it is the disciplinary finger and as Pradesha the instructive one. With this two filters in mind we gain insight into the overriding topic of the index finger: The Jupiter finger is the measure of how we behave in community. The spectrum ranges from intrusive dominance or understanding care, to subservient subordination or needy dependency. Let’s take a closer look!

Your behavior in community

If the Jupiter-finger is long, then your self-confidence is great. You communicate with your surroundings without hesitation. If it is slim at the same time, then this is done appropriately and reasonable.

A short Jupiter-finger promotes less self-confidence. The back tiers now become your preferred place. However, this is only true, if your index finger is slim at the same time and therefore politeness stimulates your behavior.

If the Jupiter finger is thick in relation to the other fingers, then bragging and pomp have season. The need for recognition and the desire to dominate become clearly evident. The spectrum ranges from thin (reserved) to slim (polite) and a lot of substance (leading) to thick (intrusive).

How to determine the length of your Jupiter-finger:

Place your hand flat on the table with the back of the hand facing up and make sure that the fingers are aligned with the extension of the forearm (the wrist is not bent). Hold your fingers tight. Now compare the length of the index finger with the length of the ring finger. Since the ring finger hardly ever varies in length, it is the index finger that steps out of line. In the best case, both have the same length. If the index finger is longer, then we call it a long index finger. If it is shorter than the ring finger, we call the index finger short.

The dance of substance and length

Let’s have a look at the dance of substance and length. Reason goes hand in hand with a slender finger. For extremism, we need – as the word already indicates – the extremes. Very long, very short, very thick, very thin. But even that is not enough to shift the norm towards extremism. It requires asymmetry on-top, e.g. in the form of curved fingers. A Jupiter finger that combines the extremes in its characteristic and is bent towards the thumb at the same time has what it takes to indicate extremism.

What’s left is idealism. A slender or thin, long Jupiter finger, the fingertip of which is relatively pointed, is the classic that outlines the idealists among us. The same finger characteristic, but a little shorter also underlines the idealistic streak, but denies the big stage to show off.

You will see, in no time you train your eye to quickly identify the shape and form of the Jupiter-finger in the hands of the people around you. As you will find out, most of the index fingers correspond to our reasonable model variant. No surprise! If the majority of people would not reason, we would hardly have enough hands to read due to a lack of fellow human beings. After all, it takes all these reasonable people. Who otherwise would pay attention to all the extremists and idealists in times of crisis? And by the way: in case you get the impression that you are only surrounded by potential extremists and idealists, then it may be worth taking another closer look at your own Jupiter finger!