Generating new routines is not that easy and, under pressure, almost impossible for many of us. But that is exactly what we are currently expected to do. Many of us are mentally and emotionally challenged, because so much of the usual flow of life got lost in the past few days.


Get up, brush your teeth, drink coffee, go to work. Each of us knows countless similar processes in daily life. Routines. Processes that take place seemingly by themselves. Some are productive, others less so. But all these routines have one thing in common: they give us orientation and security. Security. An essential need for all of us.

The first reaction

Wanted change is something we plan. The driving force behind that planning is our intellect. In case of unwanted we can only react and we do it according to our nature, called Prakriti. The reactions range from understanding, fear, frustration and anger to ignorance, depression and rebellion.

Our prakriti is made up of our physical, mental and emotional conditioning. Some of them predisposed, others acquired, but all of them consciously or subconsciously maintained by us. In Jyotisha our prakriti finds expression in the ascendant of our horoscope. . In Hasta Sāmudrika in the palm of our hands.

Each of us knows ones own nature, because we all know our first, spontaneous reaction to challenges. Those who are not sure about their prakriti have enough test options these days. Home office, childcare, social distance rules, closed leisure facilities and to make matters worse, a lack of toilet paper.

Our routines and thus our sense of security are massively disrupted in times of crisis. Each of us reacts and we all do it according to our prakriti. So far so good. However, if we are not careful, we will get stuck in our conditioning mode. Fears arise, restlessness spreads, our focus is lost, and every further news and change increases our stress level. Sooner or later we experience everything through a lens of fear and overwhelm. This is not surprising, but neither is it necessary.

There is a way out

As humans we have other skillful options. We can be inspired and creative. In addition to our nature, we have our intellect: our instrument for conscious decisions. Our thoughts align our senses and promote our emotions. Got it? Sure? Once again slowly: our thoughts align our senses and promote our emotions. We can intervene at any time, review our thought patterns and correct them if necessary. If all goes well, we hardly make use of it. Therefore it feels awkward when we want to use this ability in times of crisis.

As a warm-up, here is a small but valuable exercise for you in four steps:

  1. Take a moment and think about the situation you are aiming for.
  2. Now look at the thoughts that currently populate your mind and ask yourself whether they are able to lead you where you want to go. Because these thoughts are going to align your senses, stimulate your emotions and bind your attention.
  3. Now consider what grasps your attention today and how you feel about it. This provides you an insight into what thoughts you favored and cultivated yesterday.
  4. Check your current thoughts once more, this time knowing that these very thoughts lead you right into tomorrow’s experience, paving or blocking the way to your goals.

With this exercise, you do not change the compromises that the current crisis demands from you. What you change is your mode. You switch your attitude. From conditioned reacting to focused acting. This way you gain security and become an inspiration for the people around you.

Enjoy it!