Lothar was a common male name. Then in 1990 a hurricane of the same name swept across Europe and caused the greatest storm damage in recent European history. Gone was Lothar’s immaculate existence. Corona is the Latin word for crown. Then in 2019 a pandemic of the same name swept across the blue planet and is currently causing the greatest global challenge in recent world history. Corona and Lothar now share the same lot. Who still thinks of the Sun and its ring-shaped crown when mentioning Corona? We do – at least in this newsletter!

The power of the Sun

Can you imagine you were permanently at the center of interest and everything would revolve around you? Everybody would be at your service and a glance from you would determine about wellbeing or struggle? Welcome to the life of the Sun, the rays of who causes or burns life.

It isn’t for nothing that certain heavenly bodies are worshipped as deities in some cultures. Sūryā, the Sun, is one of them. On closer inspection, this is neither childish nor antiquated. Rather, it shows a deep understanding of natural forces in our solar system and their effects on our lives.

In astrology the Sun is the king, positioned like a king at the center of our solar system. The Sun’s classic effects on our lives are crystal clear. Our eyes wouldn’t exist without the Sun. Neither shapes nor colors would be visible. Especially since we wouldn’t exist ourselves. Using this perspective, astrology derives further indications for the Sun. In the horoscope, the Sun stands for power, structure, responsibility, a sense of duty, health, decision-power and for the leadership competence of a person.

We all have the Sun in our horoscope. Does that mean everyone owns e.g. a sense of duty? Definitely! What differentiates us in this regard is only the level of expression. The natural skill of one person, may be the lack of another. The strength of the Sun in a horoscope is crucial for the level different significations are expressed.

Depending on the placement in the horoscope, the Sun can gain power in different ways. One outstanding strength is the so-called exaltation.

The Sun in power

Springtime! The favorite season for many of us! Finally, colors and the scents of different flowers are back. An expression of the Sun’s creative power. Nature blooms when the length of daylight and temperature are in optimal balance. The Sun generates both light and warmth.

From around mid-April to mid-May, the Sun is in the constellation of Aries. Any surprise that the Sun is exalted in Aries? Look at this creative spectacle! Creation is in full swing.

Of course, what applies to nature also applies to us. This optimal combination of daylight and warmth, which allows our surroundings to bloom, provides us the chance to enhance our lives with fresh impulses. Nothing new about that. Ever heard of spring-cleaning? It’s the same principle in the robes of buckets, rags and aprons.

One more thing! The Sun has an important spiritual signification in astrology. In the macrocosm, the Sun is the central, light-giving force enabling form and space to appear. In the microcosm of our personal existence, the Sun is our consciousness, in which our whole life takes place. Here again the Sun is the creative power, bringing to light our individual reality. Something we can utilize.

Crowning the Sun

Nature demonstrates how it works. No matter how hard the winter was or how adverse the conditions are: When the Sun enters Aries, nature blooms. As humans, being closer to nature than we sometimes may think, let us follow the lead!

Time to get active! No matter what crises and dramas we are currently facing: When the Sun is in Aries, new ways of thinking and acting are available, giving us sovereignty in order to face upcoming challenges responsibly. The exercise from the last article may help you with this task.

Okay! Corona or any other crises? Let’s crown the Sun, illumining our lives from within to shine outside. Now is the time for it!

Make this spring yours! Enjoy it!