A new professional cooperation is waiting for me, I was informed. A promising project is about to come my way within a few days. How do I know? A bird told me a couple of minutes ago. Sounds unusual? Well, not for an astrologer.

A bird in front of my window on the terrace caught my attention. It did what birds do on patios: it hopped around. Finally, it disappeared from my sight to reappear a moment later, along with a second bird. Both looked at each other briefly and flew away. Eastbound.

Spontaneous events

When an event spontaneously binds my attention, the astrologer within myself feels addressed. The key word here is spontaneous. Fair enough, if your common sense is alarmed now and you wonder what jumping and flying birds have in common with Jyotisha. Eventually quite a lot, as you will find out in just a moment.

Horoscopes show the positions of the planets in the zodiac. Each of these planets and each area of the horoscope indicates certain things, topics, and events. Vedic astrology uses these indications to define what happens to whom at which time in life. So far so good. But what is really addressed here is the fact, that certain phenomena in the outside world are related to our personal experience. For example – very far outside – the movement of the planets through the Zodiac. In other words, we are part of nature; we could also say part of a larger whole. What we do (or do not do) finds parallels in our environment.

Quantum leap

Watch it! Here is a small quantum leap for your basic understanding of Jyotisha: Each of us already knows that our actions affect our environment and vice versa. Greetings from Greta an Fridays for Future. But here it is: Jyotisha goes one step further and builds on the fact that our personal experience finds parallels in our environment, in the form of completely different phenomena. And what does that mean? That means: the phenomenon that two birds find each other, and fly east is the parallel for my new, promising cooperation.

Now probably there are always somewhere some birds flying eastwards and not every new cooperation is presaged by bird flight. We are still missing one important building block and for astrologers this building block is the horoscope of the moment. This horoscope reveals the parallel between the spontaneously observed event and my personal experience.

Here is the order:

  1. An event spontaneously draws my attention (bird hops on the terrace).
  2. Storyline of the scene (one bird meets another bird and together they fly eastbound).
  3. The horoscope of the moment (reveals the parallel event)

A short excursion into the parallel universe called horoscope.

Our little feathered friends are represented in Vedic astrology by Mercury. If you want to know what the storyline of the two birds indicates, then look at the role of Mercury in the horoscope. At the time of my spontaneous observation, Mercury was the ruler of the ascendant, therefore ruled the East and thus represented the questioner, i.e. me. Mercury itself stood prominently and powerfully in its own constellation Gemini (two birds!) in the 10th house. The 10th house represents among other things occupation and status. Mercury itself is an intermediary and a businessman. Gemini is a dual constellation and indicates two birds, two people, two institutions.

And what about the East? Both birds flew eastward and Mercury ruled the east as regent of the ascendant. The East signals everything that lies ahead. In the East the Sun, the Moon and all constellations rise. The East holds news, new approaches and new impulses.

With the help of the horoscope, it is no longer difficult to understand the parallel between the environment (storyline of the birds) and my personal experience (new cooperation).

A new (East) professional engagement (Mercury in the 10th house) is waiting for me (Mercury rules the ascendent), I was just informed (spontaneous event). Within a few days a new (East), promising(Mercury powerful in the 10th house) cooperation (two birds that meet and fly together to the East) will be offered to me.

It is easy to say that we as human beings are part of a bigger whole, isn’t it? However, we regularly have to face the truth that it is much more difficult to experience this statement in all-day-life. Vedic astrology builds suitable bridges for us. Bridges that enable us to understand and cooperate with our environment in a completely different way. Inspired and sustainable.