It was time to adapt my website to the current conditions. With the help of my friend, the photographer and web designer Jens-Gerhard Schnabel, this new outfit came into being. Here are some of the many new features:

  • English was added as a second language and so the website is now also accessible to my clients outside of Germany.
  • The consultations are now divided into PRIVATE CONSULTATIONS and BUSINESS CONSULTING.
  • Under the item GOOD TO KNOW in the menu bar, you will find all information about my commitment. These include various media contributions and customer testimonials.

With the momentum of the new design I will keep you up to date about news at BERND ROESSLER CONSULTING and regularly provide articles for useful insights into the knowledge world of Jyotisha, Hasta Sāmudrika and Vāstu. If you are interested, you should subscribe to the new newsletter. I look forward to continuing good and exciting consultations with you, with the help of which we may meaningfully bring your visions to life.