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When birds help you to navigate

A new professional cooperation is waiting for me, I was informed. A promising project is about to come my way within a few days. How do I know? A bird told me a couple of minutes ago. Sounds unusual? Well, not for an astrologer.


When habits get lost

Generating new routines is not that easy and, under pressure, almost impossible for many of us. But that is exactly what we are currently expected to do. Many of us are mentally and emotionally challenged, because so much of the usual flow of life got lost in the past few days.


When Corona was still the crown of the Sun …

Lothar was a common male name. Then in 1990 a hurricane of the same name swept across Europe and caused the greatest storm damage in recent European history. Gone was Lothar’s immaculate existence. Corona is the Latin word for crown. Then in 2019 a pandemic of the same name swept across the blue planet and […]

Scorpio at a Coffee-Party

Yesterday I was sitting together with dear friends for autumnal coffee. The question came up, what makes Jyotisha special, when compared with Western astrology. No surprise, 1000 ideas popped up in my mind. Still, it’s important to make it clear that Jyotisha is no better and no worse. Both forms of astrology are valuable and […]

New Look!

It was time to adapt my website to the current conditions. With the help of my friend, the photographer and web designer Jens-Gerhard Schnabel, this new outfit came into being. Here are some of the many new features: