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Welcome to my website! Here you can find specific aids to decision-making for your private and professional life. The services I offer are based on a simple idea: If you do the right thing at the right time in the right environment, the sun will shine for you.

Working together, we can consider your personal place in the sun and look at ways of dealing with the rainy days. In one case this might mean finding the answer to an important question. In another it might be a complex process, requiring several consultations. Whatever your current challenges may be, whatever the solutions you seek, I look forward to exploring new ideas and opportunities with you.

Bernd Roessler


In the framework of a personal consultation we look at your individual questions and challenges, whether in relation to your family, career, health or finances. The idea is not to draw up a wish list. Rather, we bring your ambitions into line with your opportunities: We define a strategy for acting effectively and living happily.


Jyotisha, Hasta Sāmudrika and Vāstu are about understanding life and acting accordingly. EACH OF MY SEMINARS on THESE THREE METHODS aims to promote the joy of learning, broaden your horizons and help you to focus on the essentials, whether with a view to managing your own personality or for helping others.


Vedic astrology

Jyotisha is a pragmatic form of astrology, which focuses on predictions about your current concerns and situation.

Through Jyotisha you gain insight into the development of things, to enable you to make decisions and act with a view to the future.


Vedic design for living space

Vāstu is about ways of making our living spaces places of happiness and success. This includes both your home and your workplace.

The spaces in which we live and work, their orientation and furnishing, stimulate our senses, shape our thinking and influence our actions. With Vāstu we can use this potential to our advantage.

Hasta Sāmudrika

Vedic palmistry

Every hand is unique and gives an insight into a person’s life, nature and actions. It shows strengths and successes as well as challenges.

Your hands thus provide an opportunity to focus your ambitions on the essentials. On the things that bring success.

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